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21st Birthday Decoration Ideas

21st birthday decoration ideas

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Amber's 21st Rockstar Cake

Amber's 21st Rockstar Cake

A little cake to go with the cupcakes I made for Amber's 21st. She only asked for cupcakes, but all the ideas I came up with for the 'rockstar' theme didn't work for cupcakes, so thought I'd make this as well.

Chocolate mudcake with Bailey's syrup and dark chocolate ganache. 7" cake carved down to 5.5". Covered in fondant and brushed with purple lustre (bit hard to see in the pictures!) Handmade gumpaste decorations.

IMG 6526

IMG 6526

My good friend Jenny has her twins 21st birthday this weekend. She is off now with this cake to patonga and I nearly fainted when she told me its going to be rowed across the river. Fingers crossed it dosent go overboard. THis is for Penny and Jackson. Penny is a singer, Jackson likes snowboarding. I sat there last night at 8.30pm to start the decorations having no idea what I was going to do so this kind of just evolved.

21st birthday decoration ideas

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