Batman Room Decorations

batman room decorations

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2-2009 light plate setup

2-2009 light plate setup

All polymer clay hand made items by me - Michelle Mathis.

This is what I started my polymer clay experience doing. I wanted light plates for my town house and I didn't wanna pay for them. I will admit some came out quite ugly. Some cracked when I mounted them. Trial an error on how much larger to make the holes based on the thickness of your design. I have since ventured into face plates, logos, themes, matching room decorations, personalizing, and sports plates.

Rasterbation Complete!

Rasterbation Complete!

So, I finished these a while back, but didn't get a picture til now. Batman in the living room, Catwoman in the bedroom. ;) I think they came out really well, though I'm going to find some black tape and frame them off so they look a little better, and less like posters.

batman room decorations

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