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Jungle Theme Decor

jungle theme decor

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The Decorations - Curious George/Jungle

The Decorations - Curious George/Jungle

March 16, 2008. Levi's 1st Birthday Party!

We had to throw Levi a birthday party a week early just in case mommy went into labor.

Theme: Curious George/Jungle

The girls painted all the decorations. Mommy just drew and cut out... they are artists!

To see the whole theme from food to decor, look in Levi's set.

Odd Couple

Odd Couple

Taken at tonight's gig; playing for a fundraiser/auction for a local children's medical group. For some reason the decor for the event was in an African/jungle/wildlife theme. When I saw where I was setting my guitar up, I just had to take one of this.

jungle theme decor

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